Cape Cod & the Islands Major Crisis Relief Fund

Fund Facts

Genesis. The Cape Cod & the Islands Major Crisis Relief Fund (MCRF) was launched by the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, in 2016 as a local disaster response organization to provide humanitarian aid to local individuals and families.  The Fund is designed to fill existing gaps in preparing for and responding to major crises, particularly in terms of long-term recovery assistance. While the Needy Fund manages the Major Crisis Relief Fund, MCRF has a distinct mission and objectives. The leadership consists of dedicated, experienced volunteers, and we earmark nearly 100% of donations for direct aid, not salaries or overhead.

Scope. The Fund addresses the needs of those severely affected by crises and disasters, including natural (hurricanes, blizzards, floods, earthquakes, fires), manmade (health epidemics, blackouts, plane crashes, nuclear spills), and/or terrorist (bombings/explosives, bioterrorism, cyber-terrorism). The awarding of funds will be considered when 50 or more families or 100 or more individuals are affected by the crisis and under circumstances that include the following: a local, state, or federal disaster is declared; multiple hospitalizations are required; and/or all Cape Cod evacuation shelters are opened

Need. Needs assessments were conducted and the concern about the mounting incidents of local and global crises such as those mentioned above was revealed. Unfortunately, when it comes to the next major crisis, we believe it is a question of when, not if.

Niche. Our region is served by our first responders and to some extent; we can also draw on the resources of FEMA, MEMA, and other government agencies. However, many needs of local individuals and families are unmet by traditional forms of public and private disaster aid, with the greatest service gaps in the area of long-term recovery. If a need is left unmet, we will step in.  The MCRF is set up and ready to take action when called upon.

Services. We will work closely with government, local businesses, nonprofits/hospitals, and other groups as part of an integrated effort to maximize resources and avoid duplication of services.  The Fund will focus on providing food and water, shelter, housing, transportation, financial aid, medical and mental health services, care, child care, and other services to those in greatest need. As deemed appropriate, we may also provide equipment, counseling, and assistance with insurance.

Goal. Our initial fundraising goal is $1 million, with timely donations needed to coincide with the start of hurricane season this June.

Donations. To donate online, please visit our donation page. You may also mail a check made out to Major Crisis Relief Fund to:  MCRF, P.O. Box 804, Hyannis, MA  02601.

Connect. We are seeking volunteers at various levels.  For more information on volunteering, please contact Joseph Gordon at MCRF’s Board has established grant eligibility criteria and will evaluate applications for those with demonstrated needs. To apply for funding, contact us. For more information on MCRF, call 508-362-4467, or email